Your salad bowl is making you gain extra pounds?

Your salad bowl is making you gain extra pounds?

Can salads be unhealthy?

We all have heard that salads are healthy and we can eat that as much as we want but what we don’t know that there are a lot more calories if you don’t make your salad properly.

Hidden calories in your salad bowl:

?use of oil in your salad can add a lot more calories than you think. One spoon of olive oil has 120 calories.

?use of mayonnaise in your salad for sure add taste but also adds on 90 calories(1 tablespoon)

?Use of honey (1 tablespoon) or brown sugar syrup 64-80 calories

?adding more than one spoon nuts in your salad, they are high in calories and you should never overeat them.

?adding full-fat cheese in your bowl may add an extra taste for cheese lovers but it will add 80 calories(per cube)

?adding fruits, we all know that fruits have natural sugar but adding too many fruits in your bowl will add another 80-100 calories in your healthy salad bowl.

?use of croutons in your salad makes it tastier but a half cup of croutons add 100 calories in your bowl.


Now we know what we need to avoid in our salad bowl, let’s list down things we can add in our salad bowl to taste good.


use of lemon for taste, one spoon lemon contains only 3 calories.

use of rock salt can add benefits for better digestion.

green chillies are must if you are want to improve your immunity.

add 1/2 teaspoon seeds(cumin/flaxseed ) in your salad it adds extra nutrition(omega 3) in your bowl. It has around 10-15 calories.

use low-fat cheese and that to half cube, if you are a cheese lover.

use of walnuts instead of raisins or dates in your bowl will reduce the calories and also add extra taste to it.


Salads can add extra calories in your diet so chose wisely and be healthy.


Whenever you order a salad in a restaurant, always ask them to bring dressing separately so that you can add it accordingly. Even opt for a salad which has no fried chicken/beef. Don’t get fooled by the name rather check ingredients before placing the order.

Eat healthy, don’t be fooled just by the term ‘healthy’ or ‘Low fat’. Observe all ingredients in the cuisine before adding it to your plate.

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