About Me

Hello, my name is Aparna and I am a certified nutritionist in health and fitness industry, with my initiative of "Healthy With Aparna" I am on a mission to spread knowledge and importance of right food nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

I always aspire to learn and grow. But this time my intention was to give back to society and it turns out to be betterment of many lives near me and for many places across the globe.

One idea which always used to haunt me was why we all have so many health problems even including in my family and answer was clear that people don’t have good knowledge about food nutrition. Nutritious food has magical power to keep our body fit and prolong any kind of disease to very later stage.

First to make myself competent, I utilised my spare time and energy in completing various courses to become a certified nutritionist . Afterwards, I decided to spread my knowledge and the importance of healthy lifestyle. Initially I started with personal lifestyle consultation but I was only able to help people who approached me directly or via friend’s network, I was not satisfied as my knowledge was restricted to few people and the reach of good knowledge was still limited. Then I started using social media “Healthy with Aparna” to communicate cost effective tips with ordinary people who think healthy food is beyond their budget. Being active blogger and youtuber, I spent my free time in writing blogs and developing videos to make people aware of the importance of nutritious food and healthy life.
Just a thought of solving health problems with proper food and healthy lifestyle started showing impact and people from all over the places started following it.

My this effort was recognised by Indian Govt and I was so happy to be honoured with ‘Nari Chetna Puraskar” – for women Social Entrepreneurs in a Women Entrepreneurship Summit 2018. I received award & recognition certificate by honorable Dr Vasant Lakshmi, Founder and Chairperson WEA India and Union minister of State Ms Krishna Raj (agriculture). Honorable prime minister Sri. Narendra Modi applauded this effort by writing an official letter to WEA India.

My motive is to spread knowledge on healthy food and wise eating habits. Like machine, our body carries billion of functions every second with those cells. Instead of putting clean fuel in the machine, we put in excrement and expect this machine to work smoothly. Our body is indefinitely intelligent and even figures out how to replace our cells to some extent despite of our poor food choices until certain age. Eventually, eating processed junk food leads to our cell processed and junk. Genetically modified food, equals a genetically modified you.
So, drink clean water, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Allow your digestion system to work as it should by reducing the chronic information with a better diet and consistent moderate exercise. And you will be able to extract more good stuff out of your food. Your body will also be able to dump the bad stuff with more ease. In brief you are what you eat. More than 300 billion cells depend on the fuel you give your body. Make sure you give the good stuff.


I have strong focus on food nutrition and its magical power to build a healthy body and mind. My special plans related to nutrition are helpful for every age group and even for critical medical problems.