Hello I am Aparna!

My motive is to spread knowledge on healthy food and wise eating habits. Like machine, our body carries billion of functions every second with those cells. Instead of putting clean fuel in the machine, we put in excrement and expect this machine to work smoothly. Our body is indefinitely intelligent and even figures out how to replace our cells to some extent despite of our poor food choices until certain age. Eventually, eating processed junk food leads to our cell processed and junk. Genetically modified food, equals a genetically modified you.

So, drink clean water, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Allow your digestion system to work as it should by reducing the chronic information with a better diet and consistent moderate exercise. And you will be able to extract more good stuff out of your food. Your body will also be able to dump the bad stuff with more ease. In brief you are what you eat. More than 300 billion cells depend on the fuel you give your body. Make sure you give the good stuff.


Introduction to lifestyle plan enhanced my knowledge and i have reduced more than what I expected from 68.3 kgs to 58.1 kgs in 12 weeks. Aparna helped me to understand the importance of healthy lifestyle and how it can improve our life
You are really good and with lots of patience... I know I am difficult client but we survived some how. Weekly calls and updates, suggestions for different food options and especially the motivation to loose weight.
Aparna came in my life as a blessing. You are so positive and your soft words always keep motivating me. If anytime I cheated in my diet, your positive words always motivated me. I am happy with changes today I feel inside the positivity and so many things I feel which I can't express with words
Amazing program & best part you educate about what is right to be healthy. Its not a diet but a healthy way to eat and enjoy what all your love in correct proportion. Thank you Aparna!
You are perfect as per my knowledge. Diet, motivation, guidance, problem solving, taking care, understand clients problem very well. And lot more. I am highly satisfied with the program.


Living a Holistic Lifestyle

Every body is different. So body's needs are also different. I take a holistic approach while working with you and your goals.


Eat Better Not Less

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Don't Wish for A Good Body, Work for It

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It's a Glue that Binds Body and Mind Together

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Magical Things Happen with a Calm Mind