21 Days Holistic Lifestyle Program


Self-Paced Online Program

Easy to follow

Just press play and follow along. Utilize on-screen, low impact, modifications to make your workout work for you.

Minimal equipment

No gym membership or fancy equipment required. Dumbbells and a mat are all you need to workout from anywhere.

100% free

No credit cards, monthly fees or hidden costs. Gain instant access to all workout videos for free on YouTube.

Get started in just 2 steps

STEP 1 : Subscribe on Youtube

Subscribe on YouTube and turn the notification bell ON so you never miss the release of a new workout & program.

STEP 2 : Fill the Registration form

Fill the form Click Here and get access to free nutrition guide, weekly progress calendar and regular educational content.

Nutrition & Recipes

Guided Meditation


Is it really free ?

Yes! I wanted to make this program accessible to people World wide at zero cost. My goal is to help people around the globe feel their very best without the financial stress. This program is and always will be, free!

Is this program for everyone?

Yes, as long as you don’t have any medical condition such as injury or went through any surgery recently. You can join the program.

DO I need to dedicate speicific time for workout?

Everyday from 21st Feb 2022, at 7:00 am Singapore time, I will upload the workout video on my youtube channel you can perform the workout as per your convince. Also all workouts are designed in progression manner incase you miss any day in between, please start back from the day you left. Kindly note that you don’t need any fancy equipments to perform these workouts.

How long is this program?

This program is for 21 days where you will learn about balanced nutrition, easy to perform home exercise and will help you to improve your overall lifestyle by eating right, sleeping right and being active.

IS IT Necessary to follow diet and meditation?

Consider Nutrition, Meditation & exercise as 3 pillars to tripod, if any one is missing you can’t expect it to work. So stay consistent with diet, daily meditation practice & exercise to get the most benefit our of this program.

What I need to enrol?

You just have to fill the form to receive the nutrition guide, regular education videos and free pdf documents and subscribe to youtube channel to get access to all the guides and videos.

Download Free Informative Poster of Healthy Plate/Macros