Why you gained weight Overnight?

Why you gained weight Overnight?

Gained weight overnight? You were following a healthy lifestyle, perfect diet and exercise. Yesterday everything was under control, but wait, what happened to the scale today? How can a person gain weight during sleep?

Do not worry, we have answers to all your queries. Before making some drastic changes in your lifestyle because of this sudden weight gain, take a look at what can be the reasons behind it :

You had a salty meal or a lot of chips which means high Sodium intake :

Sodium may take two to three days to get out of your system. Sodium helps in the retention of a large amount of water in your body and hence the excess weight on the scale. It is very important that you observe sodium intake as it can lead to many health problems in long run.

You haven’t pooped yet and you are weighing yourself:

Not getting rid of all the un-digested waste matter out your body, you cannot get to know your real weight. The faecal matter, once out of your system, the scale will automatically go down. Make sure you weight yourself only after finishing bowel movement.

You are weighing yourself at a different time of the day than at what you usually do:

The mystery that lies here is that at different points of time in a day, your body’s digestion process is at different steps of progress. Therefore, the natural weight fluctuation. If you fix a particular time for your weight check, you will realise the constancy of the weight and also you can track better.

You did not sleep enough:

Sleep plays a very important role in your over all health.

Lack of sleep tends to turn the body’s metabolism towards the storage of fat. There’s nothing to worry about it because it is a temporary change. Getting back to the normal sleep schedule will also help you return to your normal weight.

You ate late last night than the usual days:

Eating late at night can lead to the increase in weight because of the reduced metabolism of the body. The body reduces its metabolism to prepare itself for sleep. Thus, increasing the fat. What is recommended is to eat in lesser quantities at night and to follow the timetable.

You are stressed:

Being stressed results in the increase of cortisol(stress hormone). If it keep increasing for longer period of time, then it results in Chronic Stress. Chronic stress results in reducing over overall metabolism and which results in the weight gain.

We need to learn manage stress and handle situation better by various relaxing techniques.

When you feel like QUITTING, ask yourself why you STARTED…

The fact is that you did not actually gain any significant weight overnight. Once you return to your daily normal schedule and habits, this temporary weight gain will settle down itself.

Always remember that fitness isn’t just about looking good by losing weight; although it is a pleasant by-product.

Fitness refers not only to the physical health but also to emotional and mental well being.

Therefore, stop stressing over minor weight fluctuations and try to establish your overall well-being.

Stay Healthy | Stay Happy

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