Life is a Problem

Life is a Problem

Problems are inherent part of life. Health problem, financial problem, education problem, mental problem, carrier problem, love problems, marriage problems, family problems and many more. Problems are part of life.


In your childhood education, exam, admission problem. Once your get through this, you need to look for job..and you will find that economic crisis is going on and enough jobs are not available. Once you get job then getting married is a problem and so on..


But there are much bigger problems in world rather than all this..think about Syria war, think about flood in Kerala and NorthEast..and when you think about all this, you feel that your problem is nothing. Think about people who lost there families, who lost there children and after all this still you crib about your life.


Problems are not STOP sign but they are guidelines”


Life is a problem but how you deal with that problem defines your attitude and your attitude defines your present.


Learn to appreciate, love and be happy with what you have.


Remember that nothing stays the same and every storm will pass one day.


Have patience and be happy!!!

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