Do Not Diet to Reduce Weight

Do Not Diet to Reduce Weight

Yes your heard it right…you don’t have to diet to reduce weight.

We have a perspective in our mind that if we want to shred extra kilos we need to starve, diet and do all crazy stuff. But you know when you don’t eat properly and you ignore important nutrition from daily routine – You are inviting Health Problems.

We have heard about many diet plans, Keto diet, GM diet and we blindly follow and see the great results in few weeks and are happy with it but when we leave that routine we again gain back the reduced weight.

I believe balanced diet is very important and because of my interest in it I joined Dietician course, so that I get clear my doubts and once I complete the course I clear doubts of others, which will help them to have a better body.

While doing that course I realized that most of the things in our diet are useless and it is just adding extra pressure to our organs – like Refined oil – its saturated fat and really harmful to heart. Its cheap, easily available but we can reduce the usage if we cant change the product.

In our day today life we must add all 3 basic nutrients – Carbohydrates, Protein & Fat. Our body need everything to function properly and to maintain good health we need all this in good quantity.

Few basic changes in your life can give you better health.

I am mentioning some of them :

  1. Drink at least 3 ltrs (approx. 12 glasses)  of water everyday.
  2. Start your day with Water.
  3. Add fruits in your diet.
  4. Add protein (Chicken breast – Non Veg) (Rajma, Tofu – Veg) in your daily diet.
  5. Last meal before 2 hours of bed.

These are just few changes which are easy to add in your daily routine. I will keep posting about it and will help everyone with the knowledge I gained with this course.

Your life is very important for your family. Play it Safe.

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