Why is being skinny the new trend amongst teenagers?

Why is being skinny the new trend amongst teenagers?

The journey of a human being from birth to death is more or less like a roller coaster ride.There are highs and lows, huge adrenaline rushes and phases of calm subtlety. Each phase in the ride
comes with its own unique experience which shall be cherished and lived in a healthy way.
However, the phase of adolescence, teenage from 13 to 19 is that one period where a child is in the process of becoming an adult and is in the middle of two stages which makes it a bumpy part of the journey and also a sensitive one. It is that stage where being ‘healthy’ takes
a back seat and the idea of fitting into a certain size takes over.
Teenage is known to be the time when a human being is the most sensitive about the way they look.They feel conscious about their bodies and are still adjusting to the changes happening in them. Due to this level of vulnerability teenagers tend to give into the idea of being ‘skinny’ than being ‘healthy’. However, they do not realise that the word ‘skinny’ brings certain unattractiveness with itself. Already being of any body type with a healthy metabolism and functioning of the body is body positivity, however, aiming to become another body type which takes away the essential ability of the body to function properly is harmful for any individual let alone a teenager whose body requires a balanced diet and lifestyle.

“How can a 15 year old lose weight in one week?”
“How much weight should I lose to look attractive?”
“How can a 15 year old have a flat stomach fast?”

These are some of the most googled questions regarding teenagers’ health. It clearly indicates the obsession of teenagers to focus on getting a flat stomach and toned arms rather than a healthy, functioning body with enough strength to carry out life’s day to day activities.

A healthy teenager should not be burdened by the thought of being skinny because it does more harm than good. Losing weight may not be the key to being healthy for every individual.
A balanced diet is required more than ever at this stage. A teenager is surrounded by easy access to junk food and they tend to incorporate it in their lifestyle. When it comes to actually losing those extra pounds which have been put on by the consumption of the junk food, teenagers resort to quicker solutions which are even more harmful such as crash diets, starving, liquid diets, water fasts,”super food” diets which claim to not
make them feel hungry for hours together. They get fooled by the hidden harmful ingredients of such foods.

Social media, cinema and the fancy portrayal of ‘skinny bodies’ as attractive ones is also to be blamed for contributing in this huge problem amongst teenagers. Their mental health suffers the most in this whole skinny obsession of theirs.

What to do to curb this?

As parents, people must make it a point to practice what they preach. Kids learn the best by example rather than instructions.
It is important to talk about normalising body image issues with teenagers and about accepting their bodies and nourishing them in a healthy way rather than trying to fit in the society’s measurements of beauty and scales of attractiveness. Momentary beauty fades away
but a healthy, functioning body is the one which is your best friend in this long journey of life. Promoting a healthy meal and routine is a more difficult task than promoting a pizza but once the concept of a healthy meal is conveyed efficiently it is the best gift to a child than anything
else. It should be their own decision rather than a forced one.

Healthy meals shouldn’t be frowned upon as boring or tasteless rather, the focus should be on making those meals interesting and fulfilling.
Along with a healthy diet, physical activity is also a very important aspect of remaining healthy overall and especially with the kind of lifestyle people have these days it is important to make conscious efforts to include it in our daily lives.

Here also, practicing what you preach comes in picture and teenagers can only be motivated to engage in such activities if they are seeing those things happening in front of their eyes.

To make this interesting parents along with their children can indulge in some outdoor games or compete in races or fun challenges, it will not only help all of them move but also will act as a bonding session amongst the family which is also well needed during the age of

These points if taken into consideration can help a teenager get over the obsession of being ‘skinny’ and would also ensure a good physical and mental health.

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