Quick Weight Loss tips

We all prefer to have slim body but I always feel that focus should be on – how to obtain healthy body & mind,  which will automatically result you a perfect body.

There are many ways to live healthy & happy life :


  1. Make a routine – Start your day early and go to bed early (8 hours of sleep is also very important)
  2. Eat Slowly – Enjoy every bite and chew properly
  3. Take out time for workout – Exercise at-least 5 days a week – Walking, running, dancing anything, its just make some move.
  4. Replace Simple Carbohydrates with Complex carbohydrate in your meal.
  5. Add Protein in every meal.
  6. Focus on Portion control.
  7. Manage your sleep quality.
  8. Add Immunity boosting foods such as : cinnamon in your food, have lemon, replace sugar with honey, instead of tea with milk have ginger tea etc.

Stay Healthy | Stay Happy

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