Its an Emergency

Its an Emergency

It is very important that we educate and enhance our Life-saving emergency skills so that we are equipped if needed otherwise its always an advantage to learn something which can be fruitful in case of a tough time for yourself or for society.

Recently I saw an ad at the bus stop in Singapore and thought that let me give it a chance while waiting for the bus I dropped a mail to the respective person showing interest.

So many times in life we see something and think that I will go home and do it and we tend to forget it…so I always prefer to do things when I think about them, so many times it works and sometimes it doesn’t but believe me most of the time being proactive helped me in a positive way.

Friday evening I had dropped a mail showing interest and Monday morning I received a response that this training is open for civilians too and Tier 1 (Level 1)is online followed by Tier 2 & Tier 3 which are offline classes which I have to do it personally at the Headquarter.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) is a uniformed organization under the purview of the Ministry of Home Affairs. SCDF conducts this Civil Defence Emergency skills course – to educate the people about how to react and handle emergency situations like – CPR / AED, Basic Fire-fighting, First Aid, Terrorist attack, strokes, sprains, fracture and many more and how we can help govt. if someone needs such help in nearby areas.

SGSecure is Singapore’s community response to the threat of terrorism. It is a movement to build the resilience of our community and a call to action to everyone in our multi-racial, multi-religious society to come together to safeguard Singapore and our way of life.

How we can be a part of it?

Be an SGSecure Responder: An SGSecure Responder is anyone who is willing to help somebody in stressful situations.

Tier 1: “I AM SAFE” Online Module

Online E-Learning; quiz of 5 Multiple Choice Questions.


This online course includes:

  • What to do when a fire breaks out
  • Improvised First Aid Skills

CEPP Tier 2: ‘RESPONSE READY’ Programme: Bystander Responders will undergo practical hands-on training on three vital EP(emergency procedure) skills known as the ‘Triangle of Life’.

This three-pronged skill comprises:

  • Basic first-aid;
  • CPR-AED; and
  • Basic fighting fire using fire extinguishers and hose reels.

CEPP Tier 3: ‘LIFESAVER’ Programme

Volunteer Lifesavers will undergo a slew of comprehensive lifesaving skills such as infant CPR, 2-men CPR, and advanced EP knowledge to enable him to assist the SCDF crew in mitigating emergencies. This program advocates active volunteerism during emergencies by encouraging participants to register as Volunteer Lifesavers via the myResponders app and/or signing up for Civil Defence Auxillary Unit (CDAU).


My journey & experience with this Program

I enrolled for Tier 1 and it a 30-minute online course where they educate about basic life skills such as how to handle severe injury/heavy bleeding, what to do in case of a terrorist attack and how to inform the respective authority about the situation and how to stay safe. After completion of the reading material, there is a quick quiz to check your learning level. Once you pass Tier 1 you can enroll for Tier 2.

I am used to online learning, so Tier 1 was easy and it was a quick course, for Tier 2 & Tier 3(for each level you have to attend 4 hours practical classes) I visited Firestation Headquater, offline classes, and practical sessions are way more than my expectation and my learning was completely different. Performing each life-saving skills personally was completely different. I enjoyed and was very happy with the course and it felt amazing.

After completing all 3 levels, you can be a part of secure as a Responder(you also receive a certificate of completion).

If you are living in Singapore, you must enroll in this life-saving emergency skills. Check out SGsecure and be a responder today!


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