All you need to know about NUTRITION

All you need to know about NUTRITION

Nutrients are substances required by our body to function properly. We need to obtain nutrients from our daily food. Every food we eat has its affect on our body.

Nutrients are classified into 6 Categories


Each one of it plays very important role to keep our body healthy.

Foods also contain those substances that may be harmful for our body if we don’t restrict them in our daily diet such as cholesterol, dyes, saturated fat, transfat, preservatives, etc. – we must avoid such food.

Nutrients needed in large amount are known as Macronutrients while nutrients needed in small amount are known as Micronutrients.

A unit of measurement of food energy is the calorie. On nutrition food labels the amount given for “calories” is actually equivalent to each calorie multiplied by one thousand. A kilocalorie (1000 calories, denoted with a small “c”) is synonymous with the
“Calorie”(with a capital “C”) on nutrition food labels.

We all need to be aware of what we eat and what we present to out body. Fews things we must keep in mind before keeping it in our mouth.

When you go out before buying any food item specially packaged food, just turn the packaging around and check for these few important points :


  • How many calories per serving?
  • How many Servings in whole packaging?
  • Does it contain Transfat or Unsaturated Fat?
  • How much Cholesterol?
  • How much sugar?

           Keeping an eye what you eat is the best way to keep your body fit and healthy.

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