Hair Donation: It’s all about creating Awareness and spreading happiness

It feels amazing and satisfied not just because I donated my hair but this time after sharing my picture of Social media, I received many messages from friends & family showing interest in the process and how they can contribute to this cause. Wow – the power of social media…so I decided to write a blog and share the information regarding it.

This is not the first time when I donated my hair for a cause but this is definitely the first time when I planned to do this(to make sure that I have healthy hair, long enough 12 inches, so that it can be of good use for someone). It takes 4-5 people’s hair to make one wig for patient.

Me & my sister both donated hair, click on this link to check out video for more details.

I feel Blood donation and hair donation needs to be a religious activity we must incorporate in our life. We must make sure that we follow a healthy lifestyle so that our blood & hair can be of good use for others till we live and our organs after we leave this world.

So many people don’t have enough knowledge about hair donation and how to donate it to a registered organization that can help cancer and alopecia patients.

Whether someone loses hair from chemotherapy or as a result of a condition called alopecia (absence of hair), it affects more than just their appearance. In fact, studies show that losing hair during cancer treatments makes patients feel low and affect their self-esteem.

The top six hair donation organizations include:
* Locks of Love.
* Pantene Beautiful Lengths.
* Hair for hope – where I have donated this time
* Wigs for Kids.
* Child Leukemia Foundation.
* Hair We Share.
* Children With Hair Loss.

Note: all these organization’s details are available online.

Things to know, if you are planning for hair donation:

-Do trim your ends before starting to cut your hair for donations. As you can see, most organizations require at least eight inches of healthy hair to use for wigs. This does not include inches of dead or split ends so make sure you have a nice, clean-cut before you start cutting.

-Do clean and dry your hair thoroughly. Avoid styling products and make sure the hair is not even a little bit wet before it is shipped, as it molds.

-Do follow the shipping directions exactly. Some organizations may require a zipper bag, two ties or other shipping requirements, so pay close attention.

-Some courier service doesn’t ship hair so do it via speed post or Indian post.

If possible try to find the center near your place or in your city so that you can directly hand over it in the center. The best part of finding the center in your area is you can actually handover it to the patient directly and even you can meet them once a wig is ready.

I would like to request everyone who is reading this blog post, please go ahead and give back to society.

Donate blood!
Donate hair!

Spread happiness- one small gesture from you can be a reason for someone to live a normal life.